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Memphis Photographer :: Guest Post :: Advice for Choosing Wedding Flowers

Flowers are probably one of the most costly aspects of a wedding.  In an effort to keep cost down, brides are trying to find new ways to trim the fat off their budget. Unfortunately, in an effort to save money some brides not only hurt their budgets but they sacrifice looks. Here are a few tips to help brides marry budget and style!

Choose Flowers in Season

This is a critical money-saver. It is also important to keep in mind that flowers look and smell best when they are fresh and in season. You can go to your local bookstore and they should have resources on picking out seasonal flowers.

Do it yourself

Consult with a florist. This could cost up to $100 in consultation fees, but the florist will be able to point you in the right direction and give you valueble advice! It is sure to add a professional touch to the end product.

Buy your flowers from a wholesaler.  Wholesalers sell their flowers much more cheaply than a florist does.  If you decide to deal with a floral wholesaler, it is important to make sure that you choose Grade 1 flowers.

If you are getting married in the spring/summer, visit the farmer's market and talk with the flowers vendors.  Find out if they grow the flowers that you are looking for. Always be sure to ask them what they do with the flowers that they don't sell. You might be able to grab large amounts of them for a heftybargain!

Have a Garden Wedding

Consider having the ceremony and/or the reception in a beautiful garden!  Do you know someone that has a beautiful backyard,or a venue with a gorgeous garden? There will be no need for arrangements if you are already surrounded by blossoming flowers.

 Let Your Flowers Do Double Duty

If your ceremony and reception are in two separate places (or even two separate rooms), let the floral arrangements that decorate the ceremony do double duty by using them to also decorate the reception!  Find out if your florist is able to transport and setup the flowers at your reception after the ceremony is finished. 

Avoid having your wedding on or near a holiday

Flowers are generally in high demand around Mother's day, proms, graduations,Valentines Day and other special holidays. Because of this, prices rise dramatically and certain flowers are often impossible to find.

Use alternate centerpieces

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It is not necessary to have every table with a floral centerpiece.  Candles are beautiful and provide an amazing ambience! Also citrus fruits are having their time to shine and are being submerged in vases of water to be used  as centerpieces .

Rent outdoor plants or small trees for an indoor garden effect

Decorate with greenery.  Many nurseries will let you rent plants for your wedding and it is much cheaper than buying them.  This will allow you to fill the room with greenery and make flowers more or less unnecessary. 

Boutonnieres and Corsages

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Corsages are not as trendy as they once were. Modern Moms are trendy and don't always want a flower pinned on them. Boutonnieres no longer have to be a pinned flower on a lapel. Websites like etsy sell gorgeous and colorful ones made out of different materials.


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