Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memphis Photographer :: Animoto!

So I finally signed us up for the Animoto service that creates stunning videos from images. It takes what I used to do in iMovie and completes it in about 20-30 minutes! I really am in love with this service, and would recommend it to anyone. You can sign up for free to create 30 second videos, but to create full-length videos to download, you will have to sign up for the annual fee ($30). Sign up with a referral code and get $5 off! Use the code "wlvfqdkb" to sign up today. 

Below are two of our latest videos :: 


Rick Weaver, Memphis Photographer said...

Yes, Animoto is great. I recommend going ahead and signing up for the pro version. It lets you create white-label videos (no animoto logo or credits at the end - unless you want them).

I've been using Animoto for a couple of years now, and the videos I create are used in purchasing sessions when people first arrive. Also on my web site and on facebook are a couple of videos from Animoto.

Amanda said...

I may sign up for Pro eventually, but for now I'm okay with the animoto logo. Thanks for the comment!